I have been featured and/or quoted on the following media platforms in 2016. Find 2015 information here.


15-Year-Old Accused Of Killing Allegedly Abusive Father Won’t Face Life Sentence by Melissa Jeltsen (Huffington Post, 12/1/16)

A Discussion with Mariame Kaba On The #ByeAnita Campaign and Grassroots Organizing (Black Youth Project, 11/29/16)

Teen Who Killed Allegedly Abusive Dad Will Spend Holidays In Jail Awaiting Trial by Melissa Jeltsen (Huffington Post, 11/23/16)

Progressive activists urge coalition building, resistance at Chicago Area Peace Action event by Kathy Routiliffe (Chicago Tribune, 11/21/16)

The Work Continues: Hannah Black Interviews Mariame Kaba (dis magazine, 11/8/16)

6 crucial facts young black Americans should keep in mind at the polls by Jamilah King (.Mic, 11/4/16)

What Body Cameras Really Show Us? by Ezekiel Kweku (MTV News, 8/25/16)

Abolish the police? Organizers say it’s less crazy than it sounds. by Maya Dukmasova (Chicago Reader, 8/25/16)

Mariame Kaba: Interview (The Chicago Dispatch, May 2016)

Talking with prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba by Yasmin Nair (Windy City Times, 5/11/16)

An Interview with Mariame Kaba by Brit Schulte (F Newsmagazine, 5/3/16)

What Are Best Practices For Black Girls? by Michelle Alerte (Madame Noire, 4/13/16)

A World Without Prisons: A Conversation with Mariame Kaba by Dan Sloan (Lumpen Magazine, 4/7/16)

Review: ‘The South Side’ by Natalie Y. Moore by Patrick T Reardon (Chicago Tribune, 3/30/16)

There Are More Officers Than Counselors In The Largest Public School Districts by Carimah Townes (ThinkProgress, 3/28/16)

We are not Chiraq by Natalie Moore (Salon, 3/27/16)

After Saying #ByeAnita, a Leading Activist Says Bye to Chicago by Noah Berlatsky (Chicago Magazine, 3/25/16)

#ByeAnita: Black Women Led the Movement to Oust Prosecutors In Cleveland & Chicago by Britni Danielle (Clutch, 3/16/16)

Chicago’s Top Prosecutor Doomed Thousands Of School Kids by Carimah Townes (ThinkProgress, 3/15/16)

Chicago Top Prosecutor Accused of Clearing 68 Killer Cops Fights to Keep Her Job by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs (Broadly, 3/15/16)

To Save the Lives of Children, #AlvarezMustGo by Kelly Hayes (Transformative Spaces, 3/11/16)

Pop Up Library Celebrates Black Women by Meggie Morris (Medill Reports Chicago, 2/23/16)

A Race to Claim Justice: Amid protests, the election for State’s Attorney moves into its final phase by Anne Li (South Side Weekly, 2/23/16)

Liberation Library Empowers Youth in Prison With Books of their Own by Xiao Lyu (Medill Reports Chicago, 2/9/16)

Daniel Holtzclaw and the Limits of “Community Policing” by Victoria Massie (The Intercept, 1/25/16)

Activist talks ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ at Unshackle NU’s first speaker event by Fathma Rahman (The Daily Northwestern, 1/22/16)

Rahm Emanuel faces wrath of Chicago’s black community over police violence by Jamiles Lartey (The Guardian, 1/20/16)

Rahm Emanuel’s big, fat, Taser lie by Noah Berlatsky (Quartz, 1/7/16)

Doubling Down on Force With Tasers Makes Police Problems Worse by Alison Flowers (Truthout, 1/5/16)

12/30/16 — Guest on the Daily Beat with Joe Virtilligo — 3rd part
12/29/16 — Guest on the Daily Beat with Joe Virtilligo – 2nd part
12/28/16 — Guest on the Daily Beat with Joe Virtilligo to discuss organizing.
12/20/16 — Against the Grain played a portion of the ASA (8/20/16) talk about the Reparations NOW campaign.
12/16/16 — Guest on Humorless Queers to discuss Free Bresha, Art in Social Movements, Reparations NOW and more.
12/11/16 — Guest on Indigo Radio: deepening understanding, making connections to talk about violence against women and capitalism.
12/6/16 — Guest on Delete Your Account to talk about organizing after Trump election win.
11/22/16 — Guest on “The Leonard Lopate Show” to speak about mass incarceration
10/12/16 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about #FreeBresha campaign.
6/7/16 — Guest on “Delete Your Account
4/30/16 — Guest on “Live from the Heartland
3/7/16 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about Anita Alvarez and the election
2/1/16 – AirGo Radio — Interview with Damon and Daniel
1/26/16 — Agitator Radio – Interview with Robert Dawkins


10/5/16 — Panelist on Bric TV — Cops and Community: Innovations Around Policing