Workshop Facilitator, “Community-Based Exhibitions for Movement-Building,” Allied Media Conference (Detroit, MI), 6/18/17

Workshop Facilitator, “Facilitating A Community Accountability Process,” Allied Media Conference (Detroit, MI), 6/17/17

Invited Artist, “Transforming Justice and Our Relationships,” Writing On It All  Residency (Governor’s Island, NYC), 6/11/17

Invited Speaker, “Trying to Make the Personal Political: Feminism and Consciousness-Raising,” part of the Self-Reliance School exhibition at Compound Yellow (Oak Park, IL), 5/27/17

Keynote Speaker, “No Selves to Defend: The Criminalization of Women and Trans Survivors of Sexual, Partner or State Violence” with Rachel Caidor. Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA) 2017 Annual Statewide Sexual Assault Conference (Springfield, IL), 5/25/17

Invited Speaker, “Criminalization of Youth: School to Prison Pipeline” Surge Institute, Surge Fellowship Session 8, (Lawndale Christian Community Health Center, Chicago IL), 5/19/17

Keynote Speaker, Consciousness and Revolution II: Educating for Change in the Era of Authoritarian Populism, CUNY Graduate Center (Center for the Humanities), 5/5/17

Keynote Speaker, The Princeton Prize in Race Relations (NYC Region), 5/4/17

Invited Speaker, Prison. Abolition. Divestment. Center for Africana Studies at University of Pennsylvania, 4/19/17.

Moderator, Free Bresha: Black Girls Under Fire and How We Resist, NYU Law School, 4/17/17

Workshop Facilitator, An (Abbreviated) Introduction to Community Accountability/Transformative Justice at Students for Prison Education and Reform (SPEAR) 4th Annual Conference “Toward Abolition: Dismantling the Carceral State” at Princeton University, 4/15/17

Invited Speaker, “Courage is Contagious:” Police Torture, Reparations & Making #BlackLivesMatter in Chicago – at Hannah Arendt Center of Bard College.

Invited Speaker, Black Life and Carceral Cities , Program in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Tufts University, 4/6/17

Panelist, Black Lives Still Matter: Race, Gendered Violence and the New Reality, CUNY Law School, 4/4/17

Keynote Speaker, Interfaith Banquet: Imagining Freedom with Mariame Kaba, University of Rochester, 4/1/17

Workshop Facilitator, Free Them All: Defending the Lives of Criminalized Survivors of Violence, Beyond the Bars Conference, Columbia University, 3/5/17

Panelist, How do we Respond to Violence? Strategies to Transcend the Punishment Paradigm, Beyond the Bars Conference, Columbia University, 3/4/17

Keynote Speaker, Free Them All: Defending the Lives of Criminalized Survivors of Violence, The Women’s Center at Depaul University, 3/2/1

Invited Speaker, Criminalizing Gender: An Examination of the Intersection of Youth Justice and Gender, Prisoner Reentry Institute (John Jay College), 2/23/17

Workshop Facilitator, Community Organzing 101, Beyond the Bars Fellowship, (Center for Justice at Columbia University), 1/17/17