I presented several talks and workshops in 2015.

October 30, day-long — Presenter on “What’s Next” panel at Community Lawyering and the Campaign for Reparations for Burge Torture Victims organized by Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Public Interest Law Reporter.

October 15, 7 pm — Keynote talk at Social Justice After Ferguson, a conference by University of Iowa

October 15, 9 am — Community Organizing 101 workshop at Social Justice After Ferguson, a conference by University of Iowa

September 10, 6 pm — 2015 Jane Addams Birthday Celebration Keynote speaker: “Punishing Girls: The Rise of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System.”

September 6, Noon — Presenter: “Beyond Saying Her Name: Practical Ways to Make #BlackWomenandGirlsLivesMatter” organized by Comfort Society Logan Square

August 22, 10:30 am — Presenter: Project NIA’s framework of transformative justice at 65th Annual Meeting of Society for the Study of Social Problems (Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago IL)

August 20, 1:30 pm — Facilitator: Criminalizing Black Girls at Roosevelt University

July 28, 1 pm — Presenter: “Police Violence in Chicago” for Chicago Votes Democracy Fellows

July 25, 3 pm — Co-facilitator: “Making Justice: How Chicago Won Reparations for Police Torture Survivors” at the Movement For Black Lives Convening (Cleveland, OH)

July 14, 10:30 am — Facilitator: “Introduction to the Prison Industrial Complex” A workshop for youth at the Chicago Freedom School

June 30, 4 pm — Panelist: Over-Incarceration in America: National and Local Perspectives organized by the MacArthur Foundation

June 26, 9 am — Facilitator: “Introduction to Carceral Feminisms” workshop at the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network.

May 23, 2 pm — Moderator : “Kick the Kicbacks: Film Screening and Panel Discussion” organized by the Illinois Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

May 18, 8:30-4:30 pm — Presenter: “Local Impact of the School to Prison Pipeline” — School to Prison OR Cradle to Career? Imagining a Different Pipeline — Carol Harding Lecture Series at the 17th Annual Children’s Summer Institute (organized by Loyola University Law School Civitas Center)

May 14, 6 pm — Co-facilitator:  What Assata Teaches About Black Lives Mattering: A Teach In at Depaul University

May 12, Noon — Keynote: “Youth Work in the Age of Mass Criminalization” at the Major Metro Leadership Forum at the 2015 Boys and Girls Clubs of America National Conference (Hilton Hotel, Chicago)

April 29, 6 pm — Moderator: Legal Teach-in For Rekia Boyd at Depaul Law School

April 21, 10 am — Panelist: Organizing to End Mass Incarceration and Mass Deportation: Reflections from Illinois-Based Organizers and Scholars — session was held as part of the Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago. University of Chicago Gleacher Center.

April 18, 2 pm — Co-facilitator:  Transformative Justice in Action (Workshop with Danielle Sered of Common Justice) at Re-Visioning Justice in America Conference hosted by Vanderbuilt University Divinity School.

March 28, 1 pm — Facilitator:  Understanding the Illinois Juvenile Justice System

March 27, 10 am – Facilitator:  An Introductory Guide to Carceral Feminisms, Color of Violence 4 (Chicago, 3/26-29)

March 26, 7:30 pm — Moderator:  No Selves to Defend: Criminalization of Self Defense

March 24, 5 pm — Panelist:  NLG Police Brutality Panel

March 19, 4 pm — Presenter:  Cultural Studies Colloquium: No Selves to Defend: Criminalizing Women of Color For Self-Defense, Columbia College

March 16 — Moderator : Panel on Peace, Justice and Human Rights in the U.S. — WILPF 100th Anniversary: Gender Issues in Peace and Justice Movements in the United States and Globally (at Jane Addams Hull House Museum)

March 13, 9-1 pm — Facilitator: Understanding Youth Criminalization, University of Chicago (Urban Teacher Education Program)

March 8, 6 pm — Panelist: International Women’s Day with Rasmea Odeh

March 7, 1 pm — Facilitator:  Getting Free: Imagining and Practicing for a World Without Police, Transforming Justice (Workshops for Liberation), Milwaukee WI

March 6, 9 to 3 pm — Organizer and Facilitator: Criminalization of Women (Workshop and event) — Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network

March 5, 6 pm — Panelist: “The School Project: Restoring Justice Film Screening & Community Discussion

February 13, 12:30 pm — Presenter: “Prison Prep: Schools in the Age of Hyper-Incarceration,” University of Chicago Law School (Black Law Students Association)

February 11, 6 pm — Panelist: Making Connections, Building Alliances to End Police and State Violence, Depaul University

January 28, 5 pm — Keynote: Restorative Justice in Schools, Dominican University

January 28, Noon — Panelist: A Threat To Justice Everywhere: From Ferguson to Chicago, Depaul University Law School

January 24, 9 to 5:30 — Co-Facilitator: Yes to Counselors, No to Cops: Moving Beyond Police in Schools & Panelist: Thinking Through the End of Police