I have been featured and/or quoted on the following media platforms in 2014. You can find 2013 information here.


The Failure of Bystander Intervention by Lauren Chief Elk & Shaadi Devereaux (Jacobin, 12/23/14)

This Stops Today: Seeking Strategies to End Discriminatory Policing by VERÓNICA BAYETTI FLORES (Feministing, 12/4/14)

Marissa Alexander and the Color of Violence by Victoria Law (Bitch Magazine, 11/25/14)

Being Black: The Real Indictment in Ferguson and the USA by William C. Anderson (Truthout, 11/25/14)

Failing to Indict Darren Wilson Won’t End the Movement Against Police Violence by Mychal Denzel Smith (The Nation, 11/19/14)

At the United Nations, Chicago Activists Protest Police Brutality by Noah Berlatsky (The Atlantic, 11/17/14)

Interview: Mariame Kaba by Hannah Nyhart (Southside Weekly, 11/4/14)

No, We Don’t Need A Law Against Catcalling by Liliana Segura (The Intercept, 11/3/14)

Rochester film festival confronts sexuality, racial issues with stirring documentary by Sean Neill (The Lamron, 10/24/14)

Feminists speak of shared history of different movements in ‘Lessons in Self-Defense’ event at DePaul by Danielle Harris (The Depaulia, 10/19/14)

How Can We Stop Cops From Killing and Beating? by Molly Crabapple (Vice, 10/8/14)

The NFL’s Domestic Violence Problem and Our Race Problem by Jessica Luther (Vice Sports, 9/25/14)

The Persistence of Mass Incarceration by James Kilgore (Counterpunch, 9/23/14)

The Imagined Sex Worker by Noah Berlatsky (Pacific Standard, 9/22/14)

The Birth of the #FergusonSyllabus by Rebecca Schuman (Slate, 9/8/14)

Shoot first, ask later: Why the concept of “reasonable fear” is anything but reasonable by Falguni A. Sheth (Salon, 9/6/14)

The Pentagon is Giving Grenade Launchers to Campus Police by Hannah K. Gold (Vice, 9/5/14)

Domestic violence is a problem we are barely managing. But we need to end it by Jessica Valenti (the Guardian, 9/5/14)

Stats pointing to racial bias in expulsions and suspensions spur a new look at school discipline by Brian Mackey (Illinois Issues, September 2014)

Mother Will March Every Day Until Chicago Police Provide Answers on Police Shooting That Killed Her Son by Kevin Gosztola (The Dissenter, 9/2/14)

Justice (?) for Renisha McBride by Thandisizwe Chimurenga (Truthout, 8/22/14)

‘We Charge Genocide’ Seeks End to Police Brutality by Zachary Woznak (Chicago Bureau, 8/20/14)

No Selves to Defend by Ashley Bohrer (Red Wedge Magazine, 8/19/14)

Chicago vigil protests Ferguson violence by Megan Crepeau (Red Eye, 8/14/14)

When justice is ‘merciful’ in child abuse cases by Emanuella Grinberg (CNN, 8/7/14)

Schools start to rethink zero tolerance policies by Stephanie Francis Ward (ABA Journal, 8/1/14)

Threatened with expulsion by Sarah Karp (Catalyst Magazine, 7/28/14)

Nullification: Jurors’ Secret Weapon Against Harsh Sentencing by Molly Knefel (The Nation, 7/7/14)

School Board Eases Disciplinary Policy, Spares Youngest from Suspension, Expulsion by Dong Jin “DJ” Oh (The Chicago Bureau, 6/25/14)

Student Code of Conduct set to change as district aims to curb discipline by Sarah Karp (Catalyst Chicago, 6/23/14)

Marissa Alexander’s Retrial Postponed to December by Aura Bogado (Colorlines, 6/10/14)

Shutting Down the (Closed) Schools to Prison Pipeline by Kari Lydersen (In These Times, 5/21/14)

Family: Feud between longtime friends ends in killing of girl, 14 By Lolly Bowean, Steve Schmadeke and Meredith Rodriguez (Chicago Tribune, 4/29/14)

Help Us Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline by Monica Llorente (American Bar Association, 4/10/14)

Theater of Justice by Molly Crabapple (Vice, 3/26/14)

Cause for trepidation: Libertarians’ newfound concern for prison reform by Debra Small (Salon, 3/22/14) [Quoted as Prison Culture]

How to bridge the racial divide on government surveillance by Ryan Cooper (The Week, 3/12/14) [Quoted as Prison Culture]

Campus Rape and the Rise of the Academic Industrial Complex by Lauren Chief Elk (Truthout, 3/3/14)

CPS: Expulsion rate higher at charter schools by Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah and Alex Richards (Chicago Tribune, 2/26/14)

The Unbearable Whiteness of Legalization by Rebecca Burns (In These Times, 2/19/14)

For the Record: Digging deeper into suspensions data by Sarah Karp (Catalyst Magazine, 2/12/14)

‘School-to-prison pipeline’ must end, lawyers and educators say By Stephanie Francis Ward (ABA Journal, 2/7/14)

Education, Youth Justice Experts Sound Off On New Federal School Discipline Guidelines by Ellyn Fortino (Progress IL, 1/23/14)

A Q&A With Mariame Kaba: Can the U.S. Snap School-to-Prison Pipeline with New Rules? by Susan Du (Chicago Bureau, 1/11/14)

More transparency on suspensions and expulsions, but racial disparity lingers by Sarah Karp (Catalyst, 1/8/14)

The ‘Chiraq’ War Mentality in Chicago Prevents Solutions by Natalie Y Moore (The Root, 1/6/14)


The Mugshot and the Money by Nancy Heitzeg (Criminal Injustice, 6/25/14)

Ask An Advocate: Mariame Kaba, Youth Matters Blog (Children & Family Justice Center, 3/14/14)


3/31/14 — Woman 2 Know on CBS 2 Chicago to discuss my work with girls and young women.

1/9/14 — Guest on “Politics Tonight” on CLTV to discuss the new Federal Guidelines to address the school-to-prison pipeline.


11/21/14 — Guest on “Counterspin” to discuss Darren Wilson and prison abolition. Listen here.

11/6/14 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz” to speak about prison abolition. Listen here.

8/21/14 – Radio Dispatch Interview about Ferguson, Militarized Police, and Racism.

8/12/14 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about police violence.

7/20/14 — Guest on Summer School with Lauren Chief Elk and Suey Park. Listen here.

7/7/14 — Guest on Emoprog Army to discuss my anti-prison organizing, abolition and more. Listen here.

5/22/14 — Guest on the Morning AMP to speak about National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth

5/19/14 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about Youth Incarceration and Marissa Alexander

3/11/14 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about Marissa Alexander, Prison as Violence and more

2/24/14 — Guest on Women’s Magazine with Kate Raphael (KPFA) to speak about Feminism, Social Media, and Toxicity