These are some of the speaking/workshop opportunities that I’ve accepted in 2014. See information about 2013 here.

12/4/14 – Keynote Speaker – “Hands Up, Shoot Dead: Blackness, Violence and the Myth of Officer Friendly.” University of Wisconsin at Madison (Racial Justice and Incarceration Speaker Series)

11/22/14 — Facilitator – Teachers for Justice 13th Annual Curriculum Fair – Workshop: “Talking With Youth About the Police: Activities & Resources”

11/8/14 — Keynote Speaker — Psi Chapter of Omega Phi Beta’s Annual Violence Awareness Banquet (Depauw University) – topic: “Women & Girls in the Criminal Punishment System”

11/7/14 — Presenter — Critical Perspectives on Surveillance and Technology (Depaul University) — topic: “No Technology Necessary: Blacks and Surveillance”

11/1/14 — Facilitator — Abolishing the PIC and Transforming Justice (Just Practice)

10/24/14 — Facilitator (with Shira Hassan) — Transformative Justice 101 (Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network)

10/23/14 — Speaker — CUSP 2014

10/17/14 — Presenter — Discipline in Schools: Moving Beyond Zero Tolerance (Loyola Law School)

10/16/14 — Panelist — Lessons in Self-Defense: Women’s Prisons, Gendered Violence, and Antiracist Feminisms in the 1970s and ’80s. (Depaul University)

10/9/14 — Panelist — Creative Resistance in a Prison Nation (Hull House Museum)

10/7/14 — Panelist — Policing, Militarism, and Resistance: A We Charge Genocide Dinner Fundraiser (AFSC)

9/27/14 — Facilitator — Policing, Violence, Resistance and Alternatives: A Workshop (Roosevelt University)

9/14/14 — Panelist — No Selves to Defend, No Rights to Respect: A Conversation (Hull House Museum)

9/7/14 — Panelist — Stopping the School to Prison Pipeline: Using Restorative Justice to Stop the Criminalization of Black and Latino Youth in Chicago Public Schools (National Lawyers Guild Convention)

9/7/14 – Panelist — FOIA: How to Successfully Bring Sunshine to Records the Government Doesn’t Want You To See (National Lawyers Guild Convention)

7/11/14 — Facilitator, “No Selves to Defend: A Teach-In About Marissa Alexander,” hosted by the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network.

7/2/14 — Roundtable Participant, “Improving Student Safety and School Climate in Chicago Public Schools” with Attorney General Eric Holder and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Police Department Headquarters.

7/1/14 — Panelist, “Legal Summit: School-To-Prison Pipeline (PDF),” Operation PUSH Annual Convention, Chicago.

6/10/14 — Facilitator, “‘How to Engage Young Men as Allies to End Violence Against Girls,” sponsored by Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network.

6/4/14 — Panelist, “What’s Working in IL juvenile Justice?, Re-Connecting the Pathways” Juvenile Justice Conference, Springfield Illinois.

5/29/14 — Panelist, “What is the 21st Century Landscape of Injustice? Carceral States: Surveillance, Prisons, Police, and Immigration Detention,” Freedom Dreams…Freedom Now, University of Illinois at Chicago.

5/21/14 — Panelist/Speaker, “Devising Freedom: Transformative Justice,” The Foundry Theatre (New York City)

4/16/14 — Panelist, “Who Will Keep My Sister?: A Dialogue & Discussion on the Criminalization of Black Women & Girls” Organized by the Black Youth Project at University of Chicago

4/12/14 — Workshop Facilitator, “Understanding the School to Prison Pipeline 101” organized by Project NIA at Roosevelt University

2/14/14 — Workshop Facilitator, “Criminalizing Black Girls” organized by Project NIA at Roosevelt University

2/12/14 — Moderator, “Beyond One Billion Rising: Restorative Justice Approaches to Sexual Assault” organized by Rape Victim Advocates at Hull House Museum

2/7/14 — Workshop Facilitator, “Data, Transparency and Accountability: How Do We Get It?” at Who Are We Jailing? What is Disproportionate Minority Contact and How Do We Stop It? at Roosevelt University

2/7/14 — Panelist, “The School-to-Prison Pipeline: What are the Problems? What are the Solutions? A Town Hall Forum ” at the American Bar Association Mid-Year Meeting, Hyatt Regency Chicago.

1/31/14 –Presenter, Depaul University Women & Gender Studies Program Graduate Colloquium. Title of talk: “Blinders and the Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Some Feminist Anti-Violence Interventions Strengthen the Carceral State.”

1/20/14 — Keynote Speaker at Dominican University‘s IMPACT Conference