I have been featured and/or quoted on the following media platforms in 2015. Find 2014 information here.


Impending Chicago Teachers’ Strike Adds Power to Nationwide Movements Against Inequality and Racism by Sarah Jaffe (Truthout, 12/18/15)

Federal Probe Into Chicago P.D. Could Dismantle Old, Brutal Methods by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs (Ebony Magazine, 12/9/15)

Justice Officials to Investigate Chicago Police Department After Laquan McDonald Case by Monica Davey and Mitch Smith (New York Times, 12/6/15)

Chicago police chief fired after Laquan McDonald shooting revelations by Nicky Woolf (The Guardian, 12/1/15)

“The Feminist Utopia Project”: Figuring Out the Futures We Want to Build by Joe Macaré (Truthout, 11/23/15)

Judge’s decision could lead to release of more police shooting videos by Jonah Newman and Adeshina Emmanuel (The Chicago Reporter, 11/23/15)

Scope of police questioned in U. of C. lectures by Sam Rappaport (Hyde Park Herald, 11/11/15)

Does Community Policing Work?” by Sam Rappaport (Hyde Park Herald, 11/4/15)

Survived and Punished: How Criminalization and Incarceration Punish Abuse Survivors by Victoria Law (Bitch Magazine, 10/23/15)

Quizzing the Democratic presidential candidates by Dawn Turner Trice (Chicago Tribune, 10/13/15)

The Death Penalty is Arbitrary and Racist by Noah Berlatsky (Playboy, 10/12/15)

If city’s top cop were fired, then what? by Dawn Turner Trice (Chicago Tribune, 10/7/15)

We Charge Genocide: The Emergence of a Movement by Asha Rosa, Monica Trinidad and Page May (Truthout, 9/23/15)

As Activists, We Build The World We Wan t— Which Is Still Very Far Off by Victoria Law (Bitch Magazine, 9/18/15)

The art of the black lives matter movement by Antwaun Sargent (Vice Magazine, 9/11/15)

Keep Kids Out of Handcuffs by Jean Trounstine (Truthout, 5/15/15)

The Harlem Riots of 1943 ignited when false rumors spread about a cop fatally shooting a black soldier during a dalliance at hot-sheets motel by David J. Krajicek (Daily News, 5/9/15)

Chicago’s Reparations for Police Torture Victims Offer a Glimpse of the Power of #BlackLivesMatter by Kirsten West Savali (The Root, 5/8/15)

Why Chicago Used the Word ‘Reparations’ by Sandhya Somashekhar (Washington Post, 5/8/15)

Victims of Chicago police savagery hope reparations fund is ‘beacon’ for world by Spencer Ackerman and Zach Stafford (The Guardian, 5/7/15)

Chicago to Pay $5.5 Million in Reparations for Police Torture Victims by Kristen Gwynne (Rolling Stone, 5/6/15)

As Part of a Reparations Deal, Chicago Teens Will Learn About Police Brutality in School by Alison Flowers (Vice, 5/6/15)

Illinois Legislature Poised To Reform School Discipline Policies by Ellyn Fortino (Progress Illinois, 4/27/15)

Chicago Is About to Offer the Nation’s First Reparations Program for Victims of Police Violence by Zach Stafford (The Nation, 4/22/15)

How the Torture Reparations Fit Into Coates’ ‘Case for Reparations’ by Noah Berlatsky (Chicago Magazine, 4/21/15)

Chicago Is Finally Ready to Give Reparations to Police Torture Survivors by Alison Flowers (Vice, 4/17/15)

Reparations in Chicago: The Homestretch by Kelly Hayes (Truthout, 4/16/15)

How Chicago Is Finally Coming To Grips With Its Dark History Of Police Torture by Kira Lerner (ThinkProgress, 4/16/15)

We Do This for Rekia by Kelly Hayes (Truthout, 4/12/15)

As Chicago votes, Mayor Emanuel accused of ‘cowering in silence’ over Homan Square by Zach Stafford (Guardian, 4/7/15)

Beyond Homan Square: US History Is Steeped in Torture by Adam Hudson (Truthout, 3/26/15)

A Huge Step Forward in the Fight for Reparations for CPD Torture Survivors by Kelly Hayes (Transformative Spaces, 3/17/15)

Burge Reparations Ordinance Gets April Hearing by Aaron Cynic (Chicagoist, 3/17/15)

Reimagining Justice: An Interview with Mariame Kaba by Noah Berlatsky (Urban Faith, 3/11/15)

Police Chiefs Are on the Hook for Building Trust. Will They Sign Up? by Christopher Moraff (Next City, 3/5/15)

The Historic Roots of Homan Square, Chicago’s CIA-Style Black Site by Noah Berlatsky (Reason, 2//28/15)

Chicago Organizers Seek Police Torture Reparations by Emily Brosious (Gapers Block, 2/17/15)

For Decades, Chicago Police Used City Jails as Torture Chambers by Terrell Jermaine Starr (Alternet, 2/13/15)

Against Mugshots: Photos of the State’s Latest Catch Don’t Belong in a Free Press by Charles Davis (Truthout, 2/4/15)

University students push for prison divestment by Molly Korab (McGill Daily, 2/2/15)

Marissa Alexander: Free At Last! by Thandisizwe Chimurenga (Ebony, 1/28/15)

Police Body Cams: Solution or Scam? by Osita Nwanevu (In These Times, 1/20/15)

Fundraiser hopes to pay for Marissa Alexander’s ankle monitor by Andrew Pantazi (The Florida Times Union, 1/18/15)

Student Lives Matter by Ronnie Reese (Huffington Post, 1/13/15)

Why Prison Doesn’t Work by James Kilgore (Counterpunch, 1/13/15)


2/3/15 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about Reparations for Burge Police Torture Survivors and also about Marissa Alexander’s release from jail

5/28/15 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about #ReparationsNOW and Charges against Baltimore cops

6/22/15 — Guest on “Humorless Queers” podcast to speak about the quotidian racism of Dylan Root

8/28/15 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about #SayHerName and Black August Chicago

12/4/15 — Guest on “The Matthew Filopowicz Show” to speak about the police killing of Laquan McDonald

12/7/15 — Guest on “Radio Dispatch” to talk about the police killing of Laquan McDonald