Featured Speaker, “An Evening with Mariame Kaba: Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex,” University of Wisconsin-Madison Distinguished Lecture Series (Madison, 11/29/18)

Panelist, Presidential Session “Imagining a World Without Prisons through a Feminist Lens,” National Women’s Studies Association (Atlanta, 11/10/18)

Moderator, “Building Accountable Communities” Webinar, Barnard Center for Research on Women (10/26/18)

Keynote Speaker at Youth First Convening (Newark, 10/24/18)

Closing Speaker, Unfinished Business, Smart Museum of Art (Chicago, 10/20/18)

Panelist, “Sustaining Abolitionist Art Practice,” Imagining America National Gathering (Chicago, 10/19/18)

Featured Speaker, “What do we do now? How abolition moves us forward.” Liberation Library (Chicago, 10/18/18)

Presenter, “No Selves to Defend: Criminalizing Survival,” Survived and Punished (New School NY, October 16, 2018)

Keynote Speaker, 2018 John Brown Day Conference (Woodstock Vermont, 10/13/18)

Co-Facilitator, Three Day Series on Community Accountability with Shira Hassan, Brooklyn, NY (October 5-7, 2018)

Featured Speaker, “Missing Daddy” at Baltimore Book Festival (9/30/18)

Panelist, “As Black As Resistance” with William C. Anderson at Baltimore Book Festival (9/29/18)

Keynote Speaker, “Free Them All: Defending the Lives of Criminalized Survivors of Violence,” 25th Annual Rose Sheinberg Lecture at NYU Law School (9/27/18)

Panelist, “Black Left Feminist Internationalism” Global Radicalism: Solidarity, Internationalism, and Feminist Futures Conference at the People’s Forum (NYC, 9/22/18)

Panelist, Dr. Crystal Fleming with Morgan Jerkins & Mariame Kaba, The Strand Bookstore (NYC, 9/19/18)

Moderator, In Conversation with Charlene Carruthers about Unapologetic, The Strand Bookstore (NYC. 8/30/18) – video is on Book TV.

Facilitator, 3-Day Community Accountability Training, Dream Defenders (Miami, 7/27-7/29/18)

Keynote Speaker, National Network of Abortion Funds Summit 2018 (Chicago, 7/21/18)

Co-Facilitator, 3-Day Community Accountability Training, Just Practice (Chicago, 7-20-7/22/18)

Speaker, “Lifting As They Climbed” (Each Hungry for Stories discussion) Read/Write Library, 7/19/18

Facilitator, Community Accountability/Transformative Justice 101, Just Leadership USA (New York, June 22)

Co-Panelist, “Education for Abolition,” Allied Media Conference (Detroit, June 17)

Co-Facilitator, “Lifting As They Climbed: A Tour of Chicago Black Women’s Histories,” Allied Media Conference (Detroit, June 16)

Moderator, Keynote with Tarana Burke, Allied Media Conference (Detroit, June 15)

Panelist, Race, Immigration and Domestic Violence at The Hidden Crime: Covering Domestic Violence (A Reporter’s Workshop hosted at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, May 22).

Moderator/Speaker, Incarcerating Women and Girls: A Dialogue with Donna Hylton, Bringing Down the Walls (Creative Time, May 19)

Facilitator, Prison Abolition Organizing Workshop, Dartmouth College (May 9)

Keynote Speaker, “Freedom Schooling: Education for Liberation in the 21st Century,” at BASE Conference on Education and Equity: The Intersectional School? Conference (May 5)

Panelist, Art in and Against Prisons, Wellesley College (May 4)

Featured Speaker, “Free Them All: Defending the Lives of Criminalized Survivors,” Wellesley College (May 4)

Featured Speaker, “Free Them All: Defending the Lives of Criminalized Survivors,” SUNY Cortland (April 19)

Featured Speaker, “Organizing for Abolition: Pitfalls and Promise,” Ithaca College (April 18)

Featured Speaker, ““Interrupting the Criminalization of Youth of Color Through Creating Restorative Communities,” Binghamton University (Broome County Library, April 17)

Moderator, “Free Them All: Mass Commutations Convening Panel,” Survived and Punished NYC (Barnard College, April 14)

Panelist, After Rosa, Before #MeToo: Panel on Black Women’s Anti-Rape Organizing, UIC Women’s Leadership Resource Center (Chicago, April 11)

Presenter, A Talk With Authors Mariame Kaba & Essence McDowell, Depaul University (Chicago, April 10)

Panelist, Dalton School Symposium on Mass Incarceration (NYC, April 5)

Speaker, “We Charge Genocide: Criminal Justice and Injustice in Chicago Today and Yesterday,” The Center for the Study of Inequalities, Social Justice and Policy (Stony Brook University, April 3)

Workshop Facilitator, Confront, Heal, Prevent: Free School Against Sexualized Violence (Free University NYC, March 24)

Keynote Speaker, Breaking Down Walls and Prison Plantations (Holyrood Episcopal Church, NYC, March 23)

Facilitator, Introduction to Community Accountability (Brown Center for Students of Color, March 10)

Presenter, Towards an Abolitionist Horizon: Intro to Transformative Justice (Brown University, March 9)

Facilitator, Addressing Sexual Harm in Organizations (Brown University, March 8)

Panelist, Righting Carceral Feminism’s Wrongs in a #MeToo Era (Open Society Foundations, March 6) – listen to the panel here.

Speaker, Podcast Mixtape: Caught (The Greenspace, March 5)

Moderator, Ending Cash Bail and Pre-Trial Detention at Beyond the Bars (Columbia University School of Social Work, March 3)

Panelist, The Case for Closure: Progress and Challenges at Beyond the Bars (Columbia University School of Social Work, March 3)

Panelist, The Difficult Miracle: The Living Legacy of June Jordan (Harvard University Schlesinger Library, February 22)

Panelist, “The fake road, its cruel deception, is what we have to abandon”: Normalizing the In/Security State: Police and Prisons at Scholar and Feminist Conference: Subverting Surveillance – Strategies to End State Violence (Barnard College, February 17)

Presenter, The Aesthetics of Abolition in the 21st Century at Hairpin Gallery (For the People Artists Collective, February 3)

Facilitator, The History of Policing Thru Zines at Roman Susan Gallery (For the People Artists Collective, February 3)

Panelist, HEARD Webinar: Policing, Prisons & Protecting Ourselves (Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf communities, January 30)

Workshop Facilitator, Community Organzing 101, Beyond the Bars Fellowship, (Center for Justice at Columbia University, January 25)

Panelist, Repairing Harm: Facing Truths and Seeking Redress at University of Pennsylvania Law School (January 19)

Facilitator, Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex at Kalamazoo College (Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, January 16)

Facilitator, Healing from Internalized Oppression and Facilitating Community Accountability on our Campuses and Beyond at Kalamazoo College (January 15)

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation at Kalamazoo College (January 15)